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Unmatched Services

Charter phone services provides a reliable way of connecting with the world through its incredible features that your ordinary phone service providers cannot match up to. The services come with features beyond voice and data that cater for multiple personal and business needs.

Get all the phone services with Charter phone

Charter phone services gives you all features that would be typical for your ordinary phone services that come in different packs the basic, advanced, and complete pack with add-on features. With the packs additional features that will help you manage your personal associations including full time voice mail services, conference calls, custom ringing and all call services. For privacy, features like anonymous call and screening come in handy to assist.


Cable cheap phone services allow you to make local and international calls at an affordable rate and with a comprehensive package. It also comes with options of either per minute billing or by use of a purchasable plan that will allow you to make international calls to well over 195 countries that includes mobile destinations. Also Charter spectrum voice gives the subscriber to only pay for what is needed to avoid unnecessary costs. The various plans available will allow you to choose a plan that is favorable for you. The fixed monthly rate also gives the opportunity to manage your monthly usage to avoid the fluctuating monthly bills that cannot be managed easily.

No Added Charges

The services come with no addition phone company fees or any other costs and so all that is incurred is what the subscriber has opted for. Other phone companies will ordinarily include additional fees whenever you make a call to other networks. This has been a very expensive move and inconveniencing. This limits you from making calls freely but now with Charter phone services it has been made easy and simplified. It is also easy to monitor the usage to ensure that you manage the service appropriately.

Home services

All home phone services are catered for by cable services conveniently. It not only allows you to make your domestic calls but also emergency services are provided. Sometimes your ordinary provider network system may jam and just to ensure that your safety is not at risk, Charter home phone services is a great plan that cannot fail you at any time. It is important to have a reliable home line that can be reached at all times to serve your domestic needs and to enable prompt responses.



Phone Plan A

  • Anytime minutes Unlimited
  • Text messages Unlimited
  • MMS Unlimited
  • Data 500MB

  • Unlimited talk, text, MMS, with 500MB.
    Additional data over 300MB is $15/300MB

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Phone Plan B

  • Anytime minutes Unlimited
  • 100 free International text messages
  • $10 free International long distance
  • Data 1GB

  • Unlimited talk, text, MMS, with 1GB.
    Additional data over 1.5GB is $15/GB

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Reliable Phone Services

Charter voice services can be used together with security systems installed domestically in a household or in any other specified location within the network to enhance your security. Similarly, the phone devices will remain functional even in the event of power outage and thus keeping you in touch all the time. This can actually last you up to more than 5 hours in an active call. The technology incorporated also ensures that the voice signals are received clearly with the best clarity. This gives you an assurance of safety for your home even when you are on the go. The signal strength is also non-fluctuating unlike other phone service providers and this ensures that you are reachable all though. Whether for international or local calls, the service provides the best and most reliable connectivity without any signal delays. This gives you the opportunity to save time and cost with a clearer reception.

Remote Manager

With Charter spectrum voice, customers can also manage your home phone remotely from any location freely. Also checking your voicemail can be done online and you can access messages that were intended for you. All other calling features can also be managed remotely. In addition, you can update your address book on the go. All these mean that you are in control of your entire home phone and its services and so you don’t miss out on anything.

call connections

With Charter phone services you can connect with up to three people on the line and still get connected with the best sound quality. This can be useful for domestic conferencing especially considering the affordable charges.

Simplified functions

The home facilities come very simplified and for that reason can be operated buy any family member especially if it is for domestic purpose. The simplicity with great features and quality is a perfect device for the home. The devices also come in different modes and give you the freedom to choose what is most preferable. To run the Charter phone devices requires no special facility as everything needed for its operation are all included in the installation of the Charter system.

Wide coverage

With already a wide coverage, it is possible to access all the phone services and enjoy the packages and affordability. Everywhere covered is served with the same high speeds and therefore every locality is advantaged in Charter phone services signaling and reception. Technicians are everywhere to ensure every customer gets adequate support.



Phone Plan C

  • Data 3GB
  • Anytime minutes Unlimited
  • 100 free International text messages
  • $10 free International long distance

  • Unlimited talk, text, MMS, with 3GB.
    Additional data over 1.5GB is $15/GB

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Toll free

Toll free numbers will get your business to be not only more professional but also to enjoy the low rates. Toll free numbers is billed at the same with no peak rates. This is important in customizing your company and getting more customers to reach you.

Guaranteed safety and privacy

There are safety features incorporated in the phone devices purposely to give you additional security. You can reject callers with hidden Caller ID information and a message will be sent to the user informing on the condition present. You can also decide who can reach you with possible limitations to up to 12 incoming calls
phone numbers. Caller information can also be obtained in case it is for legal purposes.

Bulk connectivity

Charter Business’s PRI phone service is designed for use by large organizations with a high number of users/members and call volume. The system uses a single or multiple connections to connect to the existing type of telephone system to support a number of connections. The offer is amazing and is fast popularizing with the need for effective organizational communication system. It comes at a low cost and all safety features are present as well.